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How To Choose A Motorhome

Prosser's | 08/04/2021

Love camping, but tired of tents and not into towing? Enter the motorhome! These self-contained recreational vehicles can be seen traveling all across America’s highways because they’re extremely convenient and comfortable. Make your vacations more enjoyable with comfortable and spacious accommodations that feature everything you need to feel right at home, no matter how far away from home you really are!

Your friends here at Prosser RV in Sturtevant, Wisconsin, are more than happy to share a few tips for selecting a motorhome. Consider the following questions before you begin your search so you can narrow down your options!

Motorhomes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, as you’ve no doubt noticed when driving down the interstate. There are three general types of motorhome, though, and it helps to know the basics about each one. These types are called “classes.”

Class A motorhomes are some of the biggest rigs you’ll see, resembling a bus in size and shape. Their bunks can number in the double digits, giving a large family ample space.

Class B motorhomes are much more compact. They look like a large van and are generally capable of hosting no more than two or three campers comfortably.

Class C motorhomes fall somewhere between these two size extremes, with an overhanging alcove above their driving cab that gives them a distinctive truck-like look. You’ll find some that are more suited for a few people and others that can easily host a family.

Your next consideration will be the features you want. Some styles are extremely basic in terms of what they offer. Class B motorhomes in particular may have very small kitchens and compact wet baths. Class A and C motorhomes are more likely to have a roomier dry bath and can have residential-style kitchens with larger appliances.

Maybe you’ll want to look into multiple entertainment centers or extra storage options. Figure out with your family what you absolutely must have so you can immediately rule out any options that won’t work for you.

Now that you know what you’re looking for, find it at Prosser RV right here in Sturtevant. We serve the greater Racine metro area, including the community of Somers. Our staff can answer any questions you may have while touring our selection of motorhomes in every class.

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