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Where to Take your RV in Wisconsin

Prosser's | 08/04/2021

Now’s the time to pick out the right RV for you and your family! Stop by Prosser RV and let one of our friendly staff show you what we have for sale right now. We proudly serve Sturtevant and all of southern Wisconsin, as well as northern Illinois.

The biggest determining factor is going to be your camping style. Not everyone enjoys the same type of camping, so different RV owners need different features. For example, think about how many sleeping arrangements you need. When you’re traveling alone or with one other person, this may not be a big concern, but bigger families need more beds and, ultimately, a bigger RV.

Also think about what kinds of amenities are going to give you what you need. There are some standards when it comes to what to expect, like a sleeping area, living area, kitchen, and other basic modern amenities. But what you’d like beyond that can vary from person to person. Sometimes the basics is all you need. Then again, maybe you want something a little fancier. Having a list of priorities is going to be very helpful in narrowing down your options.

Knowing what some of your RV options can also help you narrow down the field. Some models require a primary vehicle to tow them around, like travel trailers and fifth wheels. On the other hand, if you want an RV that comes with its own drivetrain, then you’ll probably want to look at motorhomes. You can also find RVs built to carry powersports vehicles, known as toy haulers. Whatever your transportation preferences may be, let our staff know what they are so we can lead you to the right models for you and your family.

On that note, it’s time to stop by Prosser RV to check out some of the models we have available right now!

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