2015 KEYSTONE CARBON 327 - Used

Elevate Your Explorations with the 2015 KEYSTONE CARBON 327: Luxury Meets Adventure!

The 2015 KEYSTONE CARBON 327 redefines the essence of travel for those who seek both grandeur and the thrill of exploration. This Fifth Wheel is the perfect blend of home comfort and wanderlust, designed to take you places in style and luxury.

A Symphony of Style and Substance:
Experience a seamless fusion of elegant design and practicality with the 2015 KEYSTONE CARBON 327. Its sleek, aerodynamic profile ensures a smooth journey, while its robust build, using premium materials, exemplifies durability and class.

A Sanctuary on Wheels:
The interior of the KEYSTONE CARBON is a realm of luxury. Spacious, intelligently designed, and lavishly appointed, it offers a tranquil retreat from the outside world, making every moment on the road a pleasure.

Comfort in Every Corner:
The KEYSTONE CARBON is synonymous with unparalleled comfort. From the plush seats to the tranquil bedrooms, each area is crafted to provide a relaxing and luxurious travel experience.

Safety: A Core Priority:
With the KEYSTONE CARBON, your safety is paramount. It incorporates the latest in safety technology, ensuring that every journey is not only enjoyable but also secure.

Eco-Friendly Exploration:
The 2015 KEYSTONE CARBON 327 is designed with the environment in mind. Featuring sustainable technology, it allows you to travel responsibly, knowing you're making a positive impact on the planet.

The Essence of the KEYSTONE CARBON:
Choosing the KEYSTONE CARBON is about valuing unforgettable journeys and impeccable style. It's the ideal companion for both short jaunts and long sojourns, transforming every trip into an experience filled with luxury and excitement.

Embrace the extraordinary with the 2015 KEYSTONE CARBON 327. Set out on your adventures in this magnificent RV and make every mile a memory to cherish!
Exterior Features: a sturdy Aluminum body, a striking White and Black exterior, standing at 13.17 ft. (158 in.) tall and 8.5 ft. (102 in.) wide, an awning for optimal outdoor comfort, a power-retractable slideout for additional space, crafted with Aluminum wheels for a smooth journey, a conveniently mounted spare tire, Front Power / Rear Power for effortless leveling, a dry weight of 11,880 lbs., a GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) of 16,500 lbs., equipped with 235/80R 16E, satellite prewiring for entertainment and connectivity, speakers located both Interior / Exterior, constructed with Fiberglass sidewalls, a 6 g water heater tank. Built for adventure, comfort, and lasting memories, this RV stands as a pinnacle of modern design and functionality.
Interior Features: a bathroom with Vinyl flooring, bathroom located Center, equipped with a power converter, no bunkhouse, Automatic heater for optimal comfort, elegant interior wood finish, kitchen and living area with Carpet / Vinyl flooring, a master bedroom with Carpet flooring, master bedroom located Front, 1 bathroom(s), 1 television(s) for entertainment, a Mid-Size refrigerator, comfortable sofas with Vinyl, a Porcelain toilet, decorative wallpaper. This RV's interior is designed for comfort, convenience, and a touch of luxury on every journey.
LIST PRICE: $31,250 SALE PRICE: $26,562


Surround Sound
Bunk Beds
Large Master Closet
Washer / Dryer Prep
Aluminum Wheels
Porcelain Toilet
Sturtevant, WI (262) 898-2610
13815 Leetsbir Rd Sturtevant, WI 53177

Vehicle Details

37.67 ft. (452 in.)
Ext Height
13.17 ft. (158 in.)
Ext Width
8.5 ft. (102 in.)
Cargo Capacity
4,620 lbs.
Dry weight
11,880 lbs.
Hitch weight
2,820 lbs.
Awning Length
16 ft. (192 in.)
Axle Count


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