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Thank You! 2023 Milwaukee's Top Choice Award Winner #1 RV Dealership

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Ashley M

Jr. Sales Associate


Executive Manager

Dave Jalowiec


Jeff Aldert

Lead Technician

Jeremy Aldert

Service Technician

Mike Prosser


Mike Prosser (shown with lovely wife Sandra) is pleased to lead the business known as "Prosser's Premium RV Outlet" for almost 20 years now. Putting his name "Prosser" on everything that he sells. Premium RVs at Discounted prices, every day of the week. Clearly posted prices, no "beg for price games" with Mike. As owner and operator of Prosser's Premium RV Outlet, I am here to EARN YOUR BUSINESS, please let me know how I can.


Service Techinician

Richard Smith

Business Manager & General Sales Manager

Zoe Brennan

Jr. Sales Associate

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