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How to Choose an RV

Prosser's | 08/04/2021

Now’s the time to pick out the right RV for you and your family! Stop by Prosser RV and let one of our friendly staff show you what we have for sale right now. We proudly serve Sturtevant and all of southern Wisconsin, as well as northern Illinois.

The biggest determining factor is going to be your camping style. Not everyone enjoys the same type of camping, so different RV owners need different features. For example, think about how many sleeping arrangements you need. When you’re traveling alone or with one other person, this may not be a big concern, but bigger families need more beds and, ultimately, a bigger RV.

Also think about what kinds of amenities are going to give you what you need. There are some standards when it comes to what to expect, like a sleeping area, living area, kitchen, and other basic modern amenities. But what you’d like beyond that can vary from person to person. Sometimes the basics is all you need. Then again, maybe you want something a little fancier. Having a list of priorities is going to be very helpful in narrowing down your options.

Knowing what some of your RV options can also help you narrow down the field. Some models require a primary vehicle to tow them around, like travel trailers and fifth wheels. On the other hand, if you want an RV that comes with its own drivetrain, then you’ll probably want to look at motorhomes. You can also find RVs built to carry powersports vehicles, known as toy haulers. Whatever your transportation preferences may be, let our staff know what they are so we can lead you to the right models for you and your family.

On that note, it’s time to stop by Prosser RV to check out some of the models we have available right now!

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Where to Take your RV in Wisconsin

Prosser's | 08/04/2021

Now’s the time to pick out the right RV for you and your family! Stop by Prosser RV and let one of our friendly staff show you what we have for sale right now. We proudly serve Sturtevant and all of southern Wisconsin, as well as northern Illinois.

The biggest determining factor is going to be your camping style. Not everyone enjoys the same type of camping, so different RV owners need different features. For example, think about how many sleeping arrangements you need. When you’re traveling alone or with one other person, this may not be a big concern, but bigger families need more beds and, ultimately, a bigger RV.

Also think about what kinds of amenities are going to give you what you need. There are some standards when it comes to what to expect, like a sleeping area, living area, kitchen, and other basic modern amenities. But what you’d like beyond that can vary from person to person. Sometimes the basics is all you need. Then again, maybe you want something a little fancier. Having a list of priorities is going to be very helpful in narrowing down your options.

Knowing what some of your RV options can also help you narrow down the field. Some models require a primary vehicle to tow them around, like travel trailers and fifth wheels. On the other hand, if you want an RV that comes with its own drivetrain, then you’ll probably want to look at motorhomes. You can also find RVs built to carry powersports vehicles, known as toy haulers. Whatever your transportation preferences may be, let our staff know what they are so we can lead you to the right models for you and your family.

On that note, it’s time to stop by Prosser RV to check out some of the models we have available right now!

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How To Choose A Fold-Down Trailer

Prosser's | 08/04/2021

If you want to vastly improve your experience of the great outdoors, but you’re not ready to commit to a massive recreational vehicle, consider a fold-down trailer instead! While these trailers are small, they pack a lot into that space, and they’re extremely lightweight and easy to set up, making them a breeze to tow and use. Their simplicity makes them much more affordable than a standard hard-sided trailer, too! If you’re not sure whether a fold-down trailer is for you, this brief breakdown by Prosser RV here in Sturtevant should help.

People love tent camping because it allows them the experience of being right in the middle of the natural world. A traditional RV takes that experience away with its hard walls and glass windows. If you want more security and comfort, but you don’t want to sacrifice the fresh night air and the aroma of the forest, then a fold-down trailer is a great compromise.

The entire trailer is transported while folded into its flat rectangular base, then the soft canvas or vinyl sides and roof are extended at the campsite to create an airy and comfortable living space. You’ll have a cozy bed (no more sleeping on hard ground!), an exterior kitchenette and storage space for your stuff. The windows are generally a mesh material with panels to zip over them when you don’t want as much air flow.

Typical RVs can be pretty spendy due to their size. If you’re trying to pinch pennies, then those rigs might be out of your means. Fold-down trailers, though, are extremely affordable by contrast. Generally speaking, they will be less than $20,000, although you can find models that are significantly less than that!

Another financial benefit of fold-down trailers is that you likely won’t need to invest in a larger towing vehicle; most passenger vehicles can tow one, thanks to how light they are. This also helps you save at the gas pump since your fuel efficiency will be much higher when towing a fold-down trailer.

Check out the selection of fold-down trailers at Prosser RV in Sturtevant, Wisconsin, as soon as you can! Our staff will be happy to help you find the perfect solution for your camping accommodation needs. Prosser RV welcomes our customers coming from Somers as well as the rest of the greater Racine area.

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How To Choose A Teardrop Trailer

Prosser's | 08/04/2021

Seeking a recreational vehicle that you can tow behind the car you already own? The teardrop trailer is extremely lightweight with a compact and aerodynamic design that allows it to be easily towed behind most passenger vehicles. These trailers have a very small footprint so they’ll fit on any campsite and they can be stored easily in your garage when not in use.

If you’re curious about what a teardrop trailer can offer you, then you’ve come to the right place! Your friends here at Prosser RV in Sturtevant have detailed the benefits of teardrop trailers below so you can make an informed purchasing decision.

A teardrop trailer generally is constructed on a steel chassis with two wheels and a bumper-pull hitch. They are anywhere from 4 to 6 feet wide and 8 to 10 feet long. They are often no taller than 5 feet, which may present a challenge for very tall campers.

The exteriors were traditionally wood or postwar scrap aluminum, but they now may be constructed from lightweight fiberglass or other materials with better insulating properties.

Inside, you’ll find a bed, storage space for clothes and belongings, a little room to stand, a small galley (kitchen) and maybe a chemical toilet, depending on the model. Power for the lights and appliances inside may be supplied by a battery or by power hook-ups. Layouts may vary between brands, so you’ll want to look at several styles to see what might suit you best.

The best thing about teardrop trailers is how lightweight and streamlined they area. With dry weights generally under 1000 pounds, nearly any passenger vehicle can easily tow them without sacrificing much gas mileage. You’ll find sway is reduced with these small trailers and that it’s easier to learn how to tow with them than larger RVs.

When you’re traveling alone or with one other person, you may not want or need all the extra space and amenities of a much larger trailer. You also may be on a tighter budget and want to camp in comfort without breaking the bank. Teardrop trailers give you everything you need in a small, well-designed space where every square inch is maximized to its full potential.

When you’re ready to check out some teardrop trailers for yourself, visit Prosser RV in Sturtevant, serving Racine and Somers, Wisconsin. Our staff will gladly help you locate the perfect teardrop trailer for your needs!

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How To Choose A Motorhome

Prosser's | 08/04/2021

Love camping, but tired of tents and not into towing? Enter the motorhome! These self-contained recreational vehicles can be seen traveling all across America’s highways because they’re extremely convenient and comfortable. Make your vacations more enjoyable with comfortable and spacious accommodations that feature everything you need to feel right at home, no matter how far away from home you really are!

Your friends here at Prosser RV in Sturtevant, Wisconsin, are more than happy to share a few tips for selecting a motorhome. Consider the following questions before you begin your search so you can narrow down your options!

Motorhomes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, as you’ve no doubt noticed when driving down the interstate. There are three general types of motorhome, though, and it helps to know the basics about each one. These types are called “classes.”

Class A motorhomes are some of the biggest rigs you’ll see, resembling a bus in size and shape. Their bunks can number in the double digits, giving a large family ample space.

Class B motorhomes are much more compact. They look like a large van and are generally capable of hosting no more than two or three campers comfortably.

Class C motorhomes fall somewhere between these two size extremes, with an overhanging alcove above their driving cab that gives them a distinctive truck-like look. You’ll find some that are more suited for a few people and others that can easily host a family.

Your next consideration will be the features you want. Some styles are extremely basic in terms of what they offer. Class B motorhomes in particular may have very small kitchens and compact wet baths. Class A and C motorhomes are more likely to have a roomier dry bath and can have residential-style kitchens with larger appliances.

Maybe you’ll want to look into multiple entertainment centers or extra storage options. Figure out with your family what you absolutely must have so you can immediately rule out any options that won’t work for you.

Now that you know what you’re looking for, find it at Prosser RV right here in Sturtevant. We serve the greater Racine metro area, including the community of Somers. Our staff can answer any questions you may have while touring our selection of motorhomes in every class.

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How To Choose A Truck Camper

Prosser's | 08/04/2021

If you’ve got a pickup truck and a desire to camp with it in comfort, but you don’t want to tow anything, then a truck camper is the perfect solution. These compact recreational “vehicles” don’t actually have any wheels on them because they anchor directly to your truck bed, giving you a secure place to sleep and relax when you’re out in the wilderness. Ideal for couples and solo travelers, the truck camper is a budget-friendly option.

Prosser RV in Sturtevant is your Wisconsin truck camper dealer, so we’ve provided a little more information about them below to help you decide whether they’re the right choice for you. Come chat with us if you still have questions!

With their small footprints and dimensions equivalent to your truck bed, truck campers are one of the smallest styles of RV available. They’re generally built with an overhang above the cab to give you some more space, and slide-outs can increase that further when you’re parked.

Basic truck campers provide you with some secure storage space and a bed. More elaborate campers can have small kitchenettes and either a wet or dry bath, or a cassette toilet at the very least. What amenities you go with will depend on your budget and your needs.

You don’t want to choose a truck camper that is heavier and bulkier than what your truck can actually handle. Overloading your truck’s suspension can do permanent damage to it, and excess weight might also blow out a tire on the highway. It is also illegal for any vehicle to be loaded beyond its gross combined weight rating (GCWR).

That weight rating is what you should know when heading to the dealership. It tells you how much weight the truck is capable of carrying, including passengers, cargo and the camper. You should give yourself some space between the wet (loaded with cargo and passengers) and dry (completely empty) weights so that you aren’t in any danger of going over the GCWR.

Visit Prosser RV in Sturtevant to see our full array of truck campers for sale. We welcome our customers coming from Somers and Racine, Wisconsin. No matter what you’re looking for, we can help you find the right camping solution for you!

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Choosing The Right Travel Trailer

Prosser's | 08/04/2021

Ready to ditch the flimsy tent and make your next camping trip the best one ever? Get a travel trailer! Travel trailers are the most diverse group of RVs out there, because they differ so widely in size, shape and amenities. This can make it hard to determine which one is going to work for you and your family.

Fortunately, with a little forethought, you can narrow down your options to the perfect trailer. Prosser RV of Sturtevant, Wisconsin, has outlined some suggestions for what you should consider when choosing your ideal travel trailer. Read on to learn more!

Consider how many people you’ll be taking along with you. That’s how many bunks you’ll need at a minimum, but you may need an extra for a guest every once in a while. Remember that the larger the travel trailer, the stronger your towing vehicle will need to be to carry it and the more it will cost. If you’re on a tight budget and you can’t afford to buy a new towing vehicle, you may need to scale down size a bit.

Another essential consideration for your travel trailer is the length of time you plan to stay in it. If you’re going on a weekend adventure and plan to be out most of the day, you probably won’t notice or care if you don’t have a lot of extra living room space or an entertainment center.

When you’re going on a longer trip, you’ll definitely want a bigger interior so you don’t feel cramped. You’ll also likely appreciate the extra amenities for rainy days or when you need to relax after a lot of activity. Consider how you plan to camp and factor that into your decision.

Ready to check out some travel trailers for yourself? Visit our Sturtevant location to see what we have! Prosser RV welcomes our Wisconsin customers coming from the cities of Somers and Racine.

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Travel Trailer Camping Near Racine, Wisconsin

Prosser's | 08/04/2021

Finally got the travel trailer of your dreams, but still searching for the perfect place to take it? The nice thing about Racine County is that it’s chock-full of great camping options that are only a stone’s throw away! Not only do we have the majesty of Lake Michigan close at hand, but the many hardwood forests in the area are ideal for camping and hiking.

Your friends at Prosser RV have listed some details below about two nearby campgrounds that are perfect for a weekend trip in your travel trailer. Both campgrounds are conveniently located within 15 miles of our Sturtevant dealership, so they’re a very easy drive no matter where you are in the area.

A few notes: reservations for each of the following campsites will need to be made with Real Racine, via the Racine County Convention & Visitors Bureau. The camping season in Racine County lasts from mid-April to mid-October each year.

This 233-acre park offers you 92 full-hookup campsites with fire rings. All the campsites are capable of handling even the largest travel trailers with slide-outs, so you won’t feel cramped. Bathroom facilities are available on-site, as is a dump station.

For recreational options, you'll find a bike trail, sheltered picnic tables, basketball courts, softball/baseball fields, soccer fields and a playground. Hiking through the nearby forest is very popular here, and there’s something different to see every season. While you can hike east to view Lake Michigan, there is no beach access, so you’ll need to drive seven miles south into downtown Racine in order to access the North Beach Oasis for swimming.

Sanders Park is a smaller campground in a woodland setting on the southern outskirts of Racine. There are 23 campsites with fire rings, and most of them offer water and power hook-ups. Bathroom facilities are available, too. A beautiful two-mile-long nature trail through a 20-acre designated State Scientific Area of hardwood forest makes for a gorgeous hike or a fun bike ride with the kids!

If you’re looking to trade up your current model of travel trailer or have yet to invest in one, you’ll need to pay Prosser RV a visit. Check out our full selection of recreational vehicles for sale, including travel trailers, at our Sturtevant location.

You can also schedule maintenance on your travel trailer with our talented team of mechanics, or have them order any parts you might need. Prosser RV welcomes our customers coming from Somers, WI, to the south, as well as everyone in the greater Racine metro area!

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Great Reviews Help You and Our Business

Prosser's | 08/04/2021

Washing your Travel Trailer or Motorhome

Prosser's | 08/04/2021

Pulling your travel trailer along the road to the next camping site is a sure way to collect dirt, mud, bugs and all other sorts of debris. Prosser RV Outlet wants to make sure you know the best way to handle keeping your travel trailer clean in between adventures, so we are presenting just a few of our favorite tips and advice.

Pressure washers are a great way to wash your RV, if used properly. A pressure washer will quickly strip off dirt, grime, and bugs, however they can also strip the finish off of your trailer, peel away decals, rip away seals, and cause water intrusion into the structure of your RV. When washing your RV with a pressure washer, always keep the nozzle around a foot away from the RV, and sweep the stream horizontally starting at the top of your RV and working down. If you try and use vertical passes with the pressure washer, you'll probably wind up pushing dirt back up the body of the RV which will waste time and water.

Washing your RV's roof should be your first step when you decide to wash your trailer. There are two types of roofs on most RVs, each with different cleaning methods, so equip yourself properly before you start. If you choose to pressure wash your roof, use care around protrusions like your AC unit or the tank exhausts, as the seals around these components can be easily blasted away if you're not mindful.

Rubber has long been a standard for RV roofs. While these are becoming less and less common in new RVs, rubber roofs are still very easy to find. Rubber RV roofs are made of a 'flaking' material that naturally erodes so the roof can remain flexible, unfortunately, this flaking leads to dirty streaks of white or black running down the side of your RV. You can wash your roof using rubber roof cleaning supplies (come in and see our service department if you need help finding these) or a pressure washer. Don't use sealants on rubber roofs, they'll degrade the material and prevent it from flaking naturally.

Fiberglass RV roofs are becoming more and more common. Many RV manufacturers are using these in lieu of rubber roofs because of their increased durability and ease of care. If you're washing a fiberglass roof you can use most normal automotive cleaning supplies.

Not all travel trailers are created equal. Over the years different manufacturers have used plenty of different types of materials to make RVs, but the most common are metal, and fiberglass, so we'll focus on cleaning tips for these.

Painted metal RVs are easy to wash, as you can use most of the same chemicals or products that you would use on your car. The major caveat here is that the overlapping metal siding of these RVs is vulnerable to water intrusion from a pressure washer, so if pressure washing is your preferred method of cleaning you will need to keep the nozzle farther away from your RV than normal, a minimum of about 1 ½ feet.

Older fiberglass RVs are typically unpainted, with a few flashy (and usually faded) decals. The fiberglass itself should be washed using an RV wash and wax product which are made specifically for these fiberglass materials. When pressure washing, make sure you avoid the decals, or they'll peel off in no time. If your fiberglass trailer is newer, it may be fully painted with clear coat on the top, these should also be washed using RV cleaning products, however you can get away with automotive products in most cases.

The gaskets around your RV's windows have a pretty rough life. These rubber components are exposed to the heat, cold, and sun day in and day out. To make sure these are able to provide the tight seal and solid fit you want, spray your gaskets with a silicone based spray once a year or so to protect from UV degradation, and keep the seals supple.

Your wheels need love too, so here are cleaning tips for the three most common types of rims you'll find on an RV: painted, aluminum, and chrome. Painted metal rims can be cleaned with standard automotive cleaning products, but should be waxed once a year, keep an eye out for rust and corrosion. Aluminum rims should be cleaned using specific aluminum cleaning products for best results. Chrome rims should be cleaned using chrome cleaning products and a mechanical buffer. If you're using the wrong brushes to clean the chrome you may strip off the protective coat on the rim and blemish the finish, so if you have questions about getting the right product come in and talk to our expert service department.

Hopefully these tips and tricks will help you on the road to getting your travel trailer clean and ready for your next trip, but if you have any questions or are in need of supplies come meet our friendly staff at our dealership proudly serving the cities of Racine, Kenosha, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin; as well as Chicago and the Northern Illinois region!

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Aliner Hard-Sided Folding Campers

Prosser's | 08/04/2021

While many RV manufacturers spend time trying to fit in more and more bells and whistles, Aliner understands that camping is better when kept simple. Our awesome selection of Aliner Trailers and pop-up campers are an ideal way to get out and camp in an RV without having to bring along the unnecessary distractions of day to day life. Prosser RV is proud to offer a great range of Aliner products for those who want to enjoy the beauty of nature from the comfort of a well made travel trailer. Prosser RV is near Racine Wisconsin, and Kenosha and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Waukegan and Chicago, Illinois, serving the area of Northern Illinois.

The Aliner Scout is built for true back to basics camping. These affordable, lightweight travel trailers are a perfect option for those who aren't looking for the fully stocked amenities of an RV, but still want to have a hard wall between themselves and the great outdoors. The Aliner Scout is made in one simple floor plan which you can pack and utilize as you see fit. The Scout comes with a solar ready port, if you want to take power on the road, as well as an electrical outlet so you can bring any necessary electronics with you too. The 4" cushions offer a cushy alternative to sleeping on the ground, and the LED interior lights mean that you don't have to pack it in as soon as the sun goes down. Weighing in at just over 1,110 lbs. the Scout is easy to tow in almost any vehicle.

The Aliner Ranger is a balanced approach to the same lightweight design as the Scout. The Ranger 10, for instance, is available in two floorplans, which offer minimalist amenities for those who can make do without. The Ranger 10 is fitted with a sink, fridge, and a 2 burner stove. The fridge is a compact 1.9 cu.-ft. Just big enough for a weekend of groceries for two. Easy to tow ranger is equipped with electric brakes, with a breakaway switch, front and rear diamond plate guards, an exterior shower, and a fiberglass walls for a light, sturdy towing profile.

The Aliner Classic is the next step if you're not quite satisfied with the minimal layout of the Scout. The Aliner Classic is equipped with extra storage space, a dual burner range, a sink, and a refrigerator. These simple amenities go a long way to provide some extra comfort, and reliability when you travel. The 11 gallon freshwater tank lets you bring along your extra water for dishwashing, while the three electrical outlets give you plenty of places to plug in your appliances or devices. Constructed with the same lightweight standards in mind, the Aliner Classic has a dry weight of just over 1,500 lbs, making this thoroughly equipped camper a perfect choice for anyone who needs a lightweight travel trailer with just the right amount of equipment.

Whether you're looking for the simplicity of an Aliner Scout, the comfort of an Aliner Ranger, or the excellent versatility of the Aliner Classic, there is plenty to love in the back to basics packages offered by this one of a kind RV manufacturer. Come in and visit us at Prosser RV and we'll be happy to show you these wonderful trailers up close so you can imagine all of the adventures you can have in one of these awesome RVs. Prosser RV is proud to serve Kenosha and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as well as Waukegan and Chicago, Illinois, from our location near Racine, WI. Come in and see us today and you can leave with a smile on your face and an Aliner travel trailer in tow!

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Trailer Towing Tips for Peace of Mind

Prosser's | 08/04/2021

Having an RV in tow is an awesome way to travel and see the country, but making sure you can tow your trailer or fifth wheel confidently and safely is critically important. Prosser's Premium RV Outlet has put together a list of tips and considerations to keep in mind when you're heading out on the road so you can have a safe and successful trip. If you have more questions, you can always come in and see us at our dealership near Racine, Kenosha, and Milwaukee, WI; serving the areas Waukegan and Chicago, and all of Northern Illinois.


While you may think that a Half Ton truck is the obvious investment for RVing thanks to better fuel milage, you may find that you're limited in your choice of RVs. Make sure that when you're choosing a trailer you factor in the capabilities of your truck.

Tongue Weight

With a traditional bumper pull trailer (like a travel trailer), you need to make sure that between 10 and 15% of the trailers load is supported by the hitch. An equalizing hitch can help to put some of the trailer weight on the front axle for a more balanced load.


Criss cross your safety chains under the hitch to make an X. This way, a dropped hitch will be caught and carried on the chains instead of diving straight into the road, giving you precious seconds to get over to the side.


Make sure your tires stay at the maximum recommended pressure. A tire pressure monitoring kit can help you keep an eye on all of your tires at once if you feel it's worth the investment, otherwise be vigilant and check before each day of travel. Towing your trailer with properly inflated tires will save you headache, and improve fuel economy.

Tie Downs

Before you even take off you double check your tie downs, but put a few miles on the road and no matter how tight those straps were, they've loosened up and shifted position. Make sure that after a few miles you double check your tie downs to make sure they're going to hold your gear for the length of the trip.


If you want to cut some serious weight off of your travel trailer, don't hit the road with your holding tanks full. Wait to fill your freshwater until you're close to your destination, and make sure grey and black tanks are empty before transit.


If your truck and trailer brakes aren't working right, you're in for a dangerous ride. First make sure that your brakes are in good shape with a service appointment. Before your trip you can check your brakes by sliding the brake controller lever over about an inch (you'll feel your brakes actuate). Hold the brakes on for a few seconds, and make sure both are working equally by checking the heat with an IR thermometer.


Get some synthetic wheel bearing grease and load it into your trailer bearings. This should be an annual maintenance ritual. Keep your bearings happy and you'll have much smoother sailing down the road.

Hopefully this quick list of tips and tricks will help you have a safer more satisfying drive the next time you hitch up your trailer and head out. If you have questions, need some help with your RV maintenance, or are looking for RV parts to make towing easier, come in and see us at Prosser's Premium RV Outlet near Racine, Kenosha and, Milwaukee, WI; serving Waukegan, Chicago, and all of Northern Illinois.

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Camping Games - Fun For the Family

Prosser's | 07/15/2021


Create a set of fun family friendly games, anything from swimming competitions to who can make the best s’more. Make each game a competition and whoever wins the most games gets a special prize, like the first s’more of the night or the seat by the a/c on the way home


At the beginning of the camping trip hand each family member a red dot sticker sheet. Then choose a word that you know will be said often like “camper” or “fun” and make it forbidden. Every time someone says the word they get “mosquito bites” -red dot- on them. At the end of the night the player with the ost stickers loses and the player with the least wins.


For this game all you’ll need is a ball. Start by standing in a circle with one person in the middle. The person in the middle has the ball and throws it at one of the people in the circle and says either “Catch” or “Don’t Catch”. If the person in the middle says Catch and you don’t catch the ball you’re out. If they say Don’t Catch and you catch it you’re out. The last person standing wins.


You and your family start by standing in a circle then everyone grabs two hands that aren’t next to them. After this you try to untangle yourselves and land in a circle. This game is more fun with more people because then you can split into two teams and have a race.


Make a list of things that are easily found outside, like a flower petal or a pinecone. Then like any scavenger hunt everyone splits up and goes to find everything on the list. The first person back to the campsite wins.

Pass the Water

This game is perfect for a hot day. You start by filling a cup with water, and then have the players stand in a line with everyone holding a cup. The first person in the line starts with the cup of water. Next they dup the cup over their head and into the next persons cup, you continue on down the line and try to see how long you can keep it going. To make it a competition split into two teams and see which team is the least wet at the end.


Pick one person to be the “storyteller”, everyone left are the “villagers”. The villagers sit in the circle and close their eyes while the storyteller picks three people to be the “doctor”, the “werewolf”, and the “seer”. Each round the werewolf picks one person to kill, the doctor picks one person to save, and the seer takes a guess at who the werewolf is- if the seer guesses correct the storyteller tells them they are right. At the end of each round the villagers guess one person they think is the werewolf. That person gets “killed”. The game ends either when the werewolf is killed or when it is only the werewolf left.


To prep for this game you need anywhere from 5 to 10 water bottles and glowsticks. You crack the glowsticks and make them glow in the dark, then place them into the water bottles. Set them up like bowling pins, grab a ball, and bowl!


A fun twist on the classic game of limbo. Instead of using a pole use a flashlight. Each round lower the flashlight and if your body breaks the beams of the flashlight you are out. The last person standing wins.


This is a great game for the car ride to the campsite. Each player says “ I’m going on a camping trip and I’m going to bring….” The catch is their item must start with the last letter of the word person before them said.

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Prosser's | 07/15/2021

Sally GeigerLocal Guide · 12 reviews · 34 photos

Quality product. Excellent service. Great pricing. Highly recommend.

Mike Miller 21 reviews · 1 photo

Huge selection of a lot of brands and compared to other places I visited they had more individual models within each brand as well. The staff were all very friendly and they were able to help rush a delivery for us when things aligned to …More

Ed Santos7 reviews

I was able to shop in peace. They have good inventories to select from and fair price.

RL 1376 2 reviews · 1 photo

I have been very happy with my purchases and service at Prosser Premium RV. I would describe pricing as a good value and service as excellent. We looked at Prosser RV first and then looked in different states as we traveled out west on a …More

Ryan Robinson 3 reviews

Amazing dealership! I don’t usually like dealing with buying cars, campers, or anything where you have to deal with sales and finance people. That’s officially changed. Mike and Richard not only took the time to answer many questions about …More

John Buchfink 1 review

I purchased a trailer from Mike last summer. He had the lowest price and the best service. He is easy to reach and goes out of his way to answer my questions pre and post sale. His staff was able to prep the trailer quickly and get us on our way. For this he gets five stars. I will be back when it's time to upgrade.

Sam Chasan 1 review

Mike Prosser went out of his way to help me find a camper that would fit into my limited garage space. He was excellent at getting back to me in a timely manner. He knows his stuff. You can’t go wrong with him as your salesman.

Happily Nomads 5 reviews · 2 photos

If we could give them 10 stars, we would! Our brand new Coachmen Beyond campervan had an electrical problem, and Coachmen’s customer service gave us a list of nearby places to call, and Prosser RV was one of them. We called them and …More

Dave Schiff 6 reviews

If you do some digging on the Internet, you’ll find these guys have the lowest prices in the country.

Jennifer Hinson 2 reviews

Mike helped me locate the information I needed in order to sell an RV my dad purchased from him several years ago. He answered the phone when I called, and gave me the help I needed, without hesitation. He is very personable, helpful and knowledgeable. Highest recommendation.

Robert E. Bertram Bertram1 review

I purchased an Aliner from Prosser’s in 2014 and have had it winterized and stored at their Milwaukee location every year since. I’ve enjoyed the relationship with Mike and his staff and received excellent service. I would recommend Prosser's Premium RV without hesitation.

Charles Woodward 3 reviews · 1 photo

My wife and I bought a 2014 Aliner Ranger 15 from Mike Prosser and his team at his dealership. Over the last few years she researched campers and came to the conclusion that an Aliner is the perfect fit our recreational needs.

Steve's Customtransport 2 reviews

Richard and Mike were very straightforward and easy to work with on our purchase of the Freelander 27QB. Good price right off the bat and fair on our trade in!

T Prince 1 review

Rented first and liked the experience so much that I purchased an RV from them. Great service!

Robert Schmidt 3 reviews

We just purchased our second RV from Prosser & both times we got the RV that was just right for our changing needs. Mike took a lot of time to show us many units and their features, along with pros & cons and answered our questions.

Joel Venn Local Guide · 139 reviews · 66 photos

Good selection and really helpful.

Kelly Herwald 4 reviews

We purchase a camper from Mike at Prosser Rv a couple years ago. We have been very happy with the camper and Mike was very easy to work with.

David Dominguese 3 reviews

Absolutely wonderful people! Called at 4 pm on a Friday when we found out overnight temp would be 20 and our RV was in danger of burst pipes or worse. The mechanic said he’d take care of it right away and he did.

Jim Macaluso Local Guide · 36 reviews

Purchased a new trailer, salesperson was ok. Deal was fair!

Christopher Sieber Local Guide · 187 reviews · 14 photos

Good selection of travel trailers and RVs.

IMRAN KHAN 3 reviews

Polite, Professional and Friendly Staff. Customer Centric Approach. These guys really know their stuff. Great advice. Appreciate it! :)

Dale Jacobson 8 reviews

Purchase my 32 travel trailer 4yrs ago. Very happy with product, price and service. Would highly recommend.

Francis Puntney 2 reviews

I will definitely come back to Prosser’s RV when it’s time to buy my next camper or for future service.

Russ Johnson Local Guide · 33 reviews · 216 photos

We purchased a Coachmen Prism from Prosser RV. They were very helpful to us, getting everything set for our Alaska trip.

Dave Martinkowski 5 reviews · 1 photo

Exceptional experience dealing with Mike Prosser and his staff. The buying experience was totally up front and honest. No stress and no games. They made purchasing a Class C Coachmen Freelander a pleasure. Everyone here pitches in and it works.

Tom-Jean Alanen 1 review

We love our Quicksilver 7'x20' toyhauler by Livin'Lite that we bought 3 yr. ago. We bought it for it's all aluminum construction & lighter haul with our F-150.

Mark McClellan 5 reviews

The gang at Prosser's RV are the greatest. Got a great deal on our 2018 Coachmen Crossfit as well as the best service you can find. The warranty offered is a wonderful comfort to have giving us a peace of mind.

Joe Zizzo 3 reviews

Purchased our Keystone Passport travel trailer late last fall from Prosser RV. Did a lot of “homework” on this and other models. Being a relative newcomer to RV’s and travel trailers, my wife and I had numerous questions that Mike answered all of our questions and the whole staff treated us like family.

Jeff Miller 2 reviews

Great experience very easy we love our ALiner Camper. Matt Cook Local Guide · 40 reviewsBest deals in the midwest. Solid team made whole process go smooth!

Rick dakota 144 reviews · 357 photos

I was just wondering what inprovements have been done with Popup's. Mike was very helpful, not pushy. I liked the Viking units, but my wife didn't seem to be ready to buy.. Thanks for your time Mike, maybe next year..? Rick

Jim Alford 2 reviews

We have purchased three (3) travel trailers from three (3) different dealers in recent years, and we must say that Prosser R V is by far the best that we have dealt with. The entire transaction (selection, sales, financing)was of greatest ease.

David Job 1 review

Have rented RVs from Mike for the last 4 years and have been very satisfied.

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