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Introducing the Kandi all electric vehicle by Kandi Corp.  Available now at Prosser RV.


2010 KD-08e (Convertible w/o enclosure) Introductory priced at $7,995 without "Weather Kit".

This product is an all new Kandi Industries (made in China) Neighborhood Electric Vehicle - Model KD08E convertible. The large photo of the Yellow convertible is of the product offered for sale here (driver not included). Available with Yellow, Red, Blue, or Black panels on a silver body. This convertible does not include the optional "All-Weather" kit which consists of removable top, rear window, door windows, and door lower fabric panels. The All Weather kit is available for an extra $995 - installed. Because the batteries utilized in this car require the periodic addition of distilled water, a "Battery Fill" kit is available for an extra $395 - installed. For additional information you can call Prosser RV - the exclusive on-line merchant for this product - toll free at 866-820-7243.  Full (12 Month/5000 Mile) factory warranty - Special Order only. Order one with the Enclosure for $8,995. Shipping is extra and depends on where the unit is being shipped to.

2012 KD-028e (Hard-Top Coupe) NEW vehicle, $12,995. Full Twelve Month (12 Month/5000 Mile) factory warranty - Special Order only.  Shipping is extra and depends on where the unit is being shipped to.

2010 - KD-5010e - In Stock - $9,995.  Dealer Demo unit. This is the LARGER SIZE Kandi 5010 "red & silver" 2010 model year two door coupe (Hard-Top with Larger Trunk), version of the very popular Kandi NEV (12 Month/5000 Mile from date of purchase) factory warranty.  Order a "brand-new" 2012 KD5010 in the color of your choice for $13,975. Shipping is extra and depends on where the unit is being shipped to.

 Please call 866-820-7243 or email your comments and questions to

Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (Model: KD08E COCO) Download brochure

Kandi Coco Convertible

Kandi Coco Hard Top


Dimensions (inch) 103.6 x 60.9 x 61.5
Wheel base (inch) 71.3
Tread width (inch) 53.2
Minimal ground clearance (inch) 5.9
Curb mass(lbs) 1587
Rated load (lbs) 397
Max speed (MPH) 25 (programable to 35 MPH)
Max climbable gradient (%) 25
Min turning diameter (inch) 35.5
Brake?f/r? 4-wheel disk type
Brake control (f/r) Hydraulic dual circuit
Rim size?f/r? 5.00B
Tire size?f/r? 165/70 R13
Tire air pressure?f/r, KPa? 250
Type of transmission Shaft drive
Running distance per charge (Miles) 60
Motor type AC impression
Driving method Rear-engine, rear-wheel drive
Rated power (W) 4000
Max power (W) 8000
Rated rotate speed (RPM) 2250
Max rotate speed (RPM) 5600
Rated voltage (V) 72
Rated torque (N.m) 17
Max torque (N.m) 60
Cooling system Natural
Level of protection IP54
Type Lead acid, Trojan T-1275 plus
Capacity (Ah) 120Ah @ 5-hour rate or 150Ah @ 20-hour rate
Voltage (V) 72V (12V x 6)
Battery pack capacity (kilowatt hours) 8.64 (calculated with 120Ah @ 5-hour rate)
Working voltage (rated/max/min) (V) 72/100/50
Continuous current (A) 85
Peak current (A) 250
Working temperature (F) -13 ~ 140

1.      Who is Prosser RV and what is its interest in electric vehicles?  Prosser RV was formed in 2003 as a Recreational Vehicle and Camper rental and sales company after its founder, Mike Prosser, up until that point an executive with an energy trading company, was laid off from post Enron collapse.  With the increasing volatility in gasoline prices of recent years, Prosser is looking to electric vehicles as a natural hedge against rising fuel prices.  

2.      How fast can the Kandi NEV go?  The Kandi NEV is programed to travel at 25 mph.  It can be reprogramed to reach speeds of up to 40 MPH (with optional programing kit - end user must change the parameters to make the unit go faster - for off-road use only).

3.      Is Kandi NEV Street legal? YES! Kandi NEV can be driven on most streets where speed limits are 35 MPH and below.  It is legal for the Kandi NEV to be driven across intersections where the cross street has a higher speed limit.

4.      Can I take Kandi NEV in the Highway?  NO! Kandi NEV is a Low Speed Vehicle and not for highway use.

5.      Is Kandi NEV weather resistant?  YES! Kandi NEV's interior is weather resistant meaning that under normal use, and with some care, even the convertible version can be used in most weather without damaging the interior.  For year-round operation in cold climates we recommend one of the Hard-top versions which include a built-in heater/defroster.  An optional enclosure is available for the convertible version which makes operating it during rainy weather tolerable.

6.      What’s the warranty?  One-year parts and labor or 5,000 miles (from date/miles of retail purchase, whichever comes first.  Some exclusions apply.

7.      What are the available colors? The Kandi NEV will first be available in Red, Yellow, Blue and Black.

8.      When would Kandi NEV be available?  Now. 

9.      Where can I buy a Kandi NEV? Delivery Available nation-wide. Prosser RV at 6146 S. Howell Ave. Milwaukee is Wisconsin’s Coco dealer (414-766-1079) or toll free at 866-820-7243.  

10.    Is Kandi NEV safe? Yes, Kandi NEV is safe. It has an active stability roll bar along with a full steel frame to protect its occupants.

11.    Do I need a special license to drive one?  No, just your regular state driver license is sufficient.

12.    What kind of range does Kandi NEV have? 30 - 60 miles per 6 - 10 hour 110 Volt Charge – normal household outlet.

13.    Does Kandi NEV have an automatic transmission?  Yes, Kandi NEV has fully automatic transmission along with a reverse gear.


WProsser RV Kandi Coco Convertibe

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